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Rachel Gabel’s #cowbios have little to do with cows, really. They are snapshots of women that are relatable, funny, and prove that women are all just doing their best. The first #cowbio in early 2023 was a picture of a goat with an underbite and a backstory that involves bowling and a mean pina colada. From Linda the #glamourgoat, a new #cowbio was added daily, Monday through Friday.

The community that gathered to enjoy the daily social media posts became a small gang of (primarily) women who can see themselves and their friends in each character sketch. It’s the only gang Gabel said she has ever wanted to belong to.

With a small circle of other ranch women pitching in with ideas, guest bios, and photos of their own cows, she truly gets by with a little help from her friends. The #cowbios have served as a welcome distraction to Gabel as she navigates often heavy agriculture news across more than six states. Members of the #cowbio community have dropped her notes periodically to let her know they have helped bring a smile as they have navigated loss and challenge. They also drop her notes with little tidbits she’s been able to incorporate into a #cowbio.

This is a hardcover book with 148 pages. It measures 5.5 x 8".

Light a Candle for Her, Girls: The Original #CowBios

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