Dr. Erin Schroeder on The Full Plate Podcast

Dr. Erin and her husband, Dr. Ben Schroeder are large animal practitioners in northeastern Nebraska and the stars of Nat Geo Wild's Heartland Docs, DVM. I had the chance to interview them both for The Fence Post and they are both everything you might hope they are. When I started The Full Plate, I wanted the chance to bring to people the audio version behind the written articles- the sound bite you just can't read. Dr. Erin is exactly the kind of person I get to visit with that I wanted to bring to you.

We talk about the projects that fill her cup, how folks can support veterinarians in times of rising suicide rates within the profession, and how she balances it all. Spoiler alert: no one does.

She really is someone you'll like and admire. I sure do.